November 02, 2011

Our Cherry Valley duck is supplied whole, fresh or frozen. We also stock Cherry Valley county roast duck in both whole or half boneless

November 02, 2011

We stock fresh pork loin, fillet, and oyster. Our fresh and frozen pork ribs, butt, back bacon, sausages and liver are all locally sourced to ensure the finest

We stock fresh fillet, legs, wings and whole chicken.  Frozen raw and cooked chicken, and half roast chicken portions are

Our fresh cut chips and whole peeled potatoes are prepared daily on our farm.  We also supply unpeeled Maris Piper potatoes for preparation by

Iceberg lettuce, baby gem, tomatoes, beansprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, fresh and peeled garlic, ginger, red & white onions, carrots, parsnips, green, yellow and red peppers, chilli's, mushrooms, sweet potato, cut soup veg, catering herbs and spring onions. Apples, oranges, pears, grapes, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, clementines, butternut squash, aubergenes are available for daily...

We sell fresh topside and sirloin, and frozen beef fillet, all of which are locally

We supply quality Indian Prawns and shrimp in a range of sizes, all peeled and de-veined for

We supply medium and large catering eggs, as well as medium and large pre-pack, family pack and free-range eggs